About Team APD

Owner + Producer 

Leon has been in the event industry for the majority of his professional career. As well as renting lounge furniture, one of his biggest accomplishments is being the president of All Around Entertainment, a MC/DJ and dance company for the special events industry based in Philadelphia. He is thrilled to partner with Don in event drapery production, bringing much expertise in event production.



Owner + Designer

Executive Director and Designer, Don Calhoun, has been doing event draping and ambient lighting well over two decades with a skill level that is impeccable. After owning a successful drape and lighting company in Philadelphia, he brings his talent and expertise to Atlanta, known for his ability to transform a space using floor to ceiling pipe and drape up to 20 ft in height, coupled with creating an ambiance of light along with accurate pin-spot lighting to illuminate your center pieces or any other focal point such as a dance floor, band stand, cake and card table, and much more. Don Calhoun offers a variety of drape colors for your next event. He is known for his attention to the finished product with tiebacks at the entrances, deep valances, giving an elegant feeling throughout. No matter what type of venue, Don and his team are able to transform the space in a matter of hours to set the tone for your event. No event is too small or too large, so please allow us to be a part of your next special moment in time.



Designer + Project Manager

After graduating with a BFA in Dance from Valdosta State University in 2013, Jennifer has worked in theater and dance production, has been a manager for a non-profit organization, as well as being a teacher. She has been working in the event industry since 2014 gaining extensive experience and knowledge, specifically in drapery design and project managing for drapery installations. She credits her success to her creative problem solving skills, ability to think quickly on her feet, and consistently positive can-do attitude under high pressure situations. She finds that draping a venue is like choreographing a dance, where every piece must fit together seamlessly with the perfect presentation.