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Our story.

So, it all began in Philadelphia, where Don Calhoun quickly realized his talent for event decor, draping, and ambient lighting. This man is about as versatile as it gets, with experience in both event draping and lighting. After owning his drape and lighting company in Philly for 22 years, he and his wife were in search of a change of scenery, his wife also in search of the best nursing school programs, and so, they decided there was no better place to move than Atlanta, GA.

Soon after, Don became an on-site designer and project manager for several different event decor rental companies, utilizing his talents and immersing himself in the fast-paced and innovative event industry of the Atlanta area. He was happy to be doing the things he loves, however, having a history of a successful company, and knowing his full potential, two years later he decided it was time to get the ball rolling and founded Atlanta Premier Draping.

Don and Jen met when they both worked together previously designers and drapery project managers. These two are excited to be working side by side once again, this time with a brand new company. Jen is honored to be Don's very first on-site designer and design consultant. They are excited for the future of APD and the opportunity to provide a quality draping service to the Atlanta area.

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